Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bintan Tourism

Bintan Tourism

Bintan represent a regency growth owning very beautiful tourism place, newborn regency and have expanded excellently. Tourism place consisted of clean coast and very beautiful. A lot of all incoming visitor to enjoy fresh air and view. In Tourism place of Bintan a lot of hotel and lodging which is made available.
Blessing hard work all area Bintan Resort Lagoi organizer marketed potency tourism out the country have produced getting result. This is proven at the height of visit tourist in comparing year 2008 namely 360.000 turist. Though the world incured by a global economic crisis glimpse, but the visit tourist sum in year 2009 experiencing of improvement.

A lot of facility tour improvement which have been develop;builded in Bintan Resort Lagoi representing important factor to going up tourism visit quantity. medium quality and Amount excelsior in Bintan Resort Lagoi, making a lot of tourist will forbear staying to pay a visit to Lagoi.

Besides facility addition existence in area, political influence of regional like tragedy bomb political Mumbay condition and in Thailand bring positive impact to visit turis number to Lagoi. awaked Security, and also Bintan will promote its tourism so that will become fascination for tourist manca state to pay a visit to Bintan.
Bintan have goals to release policy for the visit tourist quantity improvement. In Bintan will be develop builded by a airport residing in Busung and Seri Kuala Lobam. The target to reach goals 1 million tourist to pay a visit to Bintan. In Bintan Resort Lagoi have been made available by 1.371 room chamber and will in adding again about 2.000 room chamber to overcome to leap tourist of all coming.


Unknown said...

Some of the Bintan resorts in Lagoi area are world class and it's bound to be a tourist’s haven in the years to come....imagine enjoying a round of golf in these surroundings.

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